The general theory of relativity offers the current known description of gravity which is considered in modern physics.

The General Theory of Relativity is related to the study of gravity as that it explains the results and phenomenon of fast moving or very massive heavenly bodies—such as planets, asteroids and moons.

Theory of Relativity

The general theory of relativity explains how objects continually move in a straight line in space, but we perceive this as acceleration. The relation and nature of space and time is that it is curved. Massive objects are perceived to be accelerating, because of this. The general theory of relativity explains how the distance and mass of a given object is transmitted through space.

The General Theory of relativity explains the mobility of our cosmos. Through it, the theory of the expansion of the Universe from a finite time in history was proved.

Albert EinsteinThis is being related by some scientists as a definite explanation of the Big Bang Theory. The idea of a time-space-matter continuum is purported by the general theory of relativity.

Which explains that for all of these to exist, there must be a definite period in time wherein all of these existed at the same time.