Perhaps one of the most powerful forces on planet Earth, gravity has been alluded to by singers, scientists and poets. Perhaps because it does have a way of putting things right in their proper place.

While gravity is important for metaphors such as falling in love and attraction, it does pose some important tangible effects on us, that is: without gravity we would all be flying out into space.

Had it not been for the apple falling on Sir Isaac Newton’s head that gravity would not have been discovered. It is, as put in scientific terms, the phenomenon in which bodies with mass are attracted to each other—a magnetism of sorts. It was Sir Newton’s universal law of gravitation which has explained the energy of gravity—in terms of a mathematical formula—and its significance with human life.

gravityIt is said that ignoring all other constants such as air resistance, all objects—despite weight and size—falling from the same place will fall at the same rate, a rate of 9.8 m/s. Gravity and gravitation is particularly important in the fields of physics and astronomy. It is said that objects in orbit maintain their orbit because of gravitational pull. The arrangement and position of objects in space is largely contributed to their gravitational pull.