When the word potential is brought to mind, it suggests ideas of existence except that there is no active manifestation of such in the tangible sense.

Physics suggests that potential energy is the energy stored in an object related to an object when it is at rest which can be converted to other forms of energy the moment the object comes in motion. In physics and electricity it is the work required to bring an electric charge to bring an object in an electric field.

potential energy

Potentialities exist in most fields of physics. In physics and engineering, there are several forms which discusses potentialities. Some of them include: Potential energy, Magnetic potential, Electric potential, Electromagnetic four-potential, Coulomb potential, van der Waals potential, Lennard-Jones potential, Yukawa potential.

Physics PotentialGravity explains potential in terms of the amount of work which is needed to put a mass of a specific object in motion to bring it to a gravitational field. It contemplates the existence of latent energy prior to it becoming an active energy or a kinetic energy.

Electric potential in physics discusses the amount of work to be put in an electric charge from one point to move it to a specific part of the electric field.