Everything in the world contains some form of energy. This energy is translated to the amount of work which can be performed when applied with a certain force.

Things in motion contain an energy called kinetic energy which refers to the extra energy which the object had due to its motion. But even objects at rest still contain energy, potential energy that is. It is called potential energy because it has the inherent possibility to be converted to other readily usable forms of energy.

gravitational Potential EnergySimilarly, gravitational potential energy is that energy at rest associated with gravitational force. While there are many theories and calculations involved in analyzing gravitational potential energy, there are simpler explanations to explain its importance outside the theory. For example, hydroelectricity or the technology involved in dams.

Hydroelectricity applies gravitational potential energy. There is a higher part of lake or a dam where water is stored. During the storage where there is no motion, there exists gravitational potential energy. Once the water is pumped to the higher part of the lake, the gravitational potential energy is converted into electrical energy due to the motion of the pump.

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